Municipal Crossing Guard Program

Municipal Crossing Guard Locations

NSTS is pleased to work with local municipal crossing guard programs to support active school travel and pedestrian safety.

Crossing guards provide a valued service to students and their families on their journey to and from school each school day. Visit the links below for crossing guard locations in your municipality:

Check back as we are working to link all crossing guard locations for the 2020-21 school year.

We need the support of all drivers and cyclists to support student and guard safety! Motorists can no longer turn left, right or proceed through a crosswalk on the clear half of the roadway, and you must wait until the entire crosswalk is empty of both pedestrians and the school crossing guard.

Support your local school crossing guard by:

    Stop, when you approach a school crossing guard location
    Take notice of whether there is a guard on duty
    Obey the Highway Traffic Act and wait for the guard to completely exist the crosswalk
    Proceed with caution