Welcome to the Bus Zone

New COVID-19 School Bus Rules

Keeping the bus clean is a shared responsibility, and we encourage students to follow these additions to the school bus rules:   

  • Face coverings for students in Grades 4 to 12 are required on school vehicles. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are encouraged to wear face coverings on school vehicles. Students need to arrive at the bus stop with their own mask/face covering.   

  • A daily screening assessment of each child's health must be completed for each child prior to arriving at the bus stop. Parents/guardians must check each student for symptoms each morning before boarding the school bus.

  • Parents/guardians and students are to maintain physical distance from others at the bus stop and arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled bus stop time.   

  • Students are encouraged to arrive at the bus stop with clean hands, and if their hands become soiled at the bus stop, to use the hand sanitizer at the top of the stairs after entering the bus.   

  • Students are required to board the bus one at a time, and to only enter the bus when the stairwell is clear.   

  • Students are encouraged to use the handrail as they enter and leave the bus. The handrail will be disinfected between school runs.  

  • Students are encouraged to limit their touch points on the bus to keep the bus clean. Seat tops and backs will be disinfected twice daily.   

  • NSTS is required to implement a seating plan for every bus run, and students are expected to sit in their designated seat as communicated by the bus driver.   

  • The bus driver will open select windows daily for air flow. Students must not adjust windows or talk outside the windows.   

  • On the bus, students should remain seated, facing forward and in their seats for the entire ride.

  • NSTS will be required to share bus route, seating plan and student information with Public Health, if required, to complete case contact tracing.   

What's New for the Bus Zone for the 2020-21 School Year!

We are pleased to present all videos in English and French,and closed captioned and described video.


New Requirements for 2020-21 School Year

Our 2020-21 detailed Back to School Transportation plan highlights several new requirements for this year including:

  • Students are required to Opt-In to Transportation in order to receive service.
  • New timelines before bus service can be ready for students requiring changes.
  • NSTS will be creating seating plans for all routes, seating students who live in the same household together and students in the same homeroom together.
Parent Portal and BusPlanner Delays App!

  • The parent portal looks different this year. It allows a family to create an account with NSTS to link multiple children to one account. This also saves parents/guardians from requiring to have their child(ren)'s Ontario Education Number (OEN) handy when they log in.
  • We have an App for delays. Visit the App Store and download the BusPlanner Delays App and toggle to either your school board or NSTS, and your child's school to receive direct notifications of bus delays impacting your child(ren).
(C) is for Camera-Equipped Bus

When you are looking at your child(ren)'s bus route number if it is followed by a (C) it means they are riding on a camera-equipped school bus.