Transportation Arrangements in the Parent Portal

Transportation arrangements in the Parent Portal Wednesday are effective next week.

Parents are encouraged to check transportation times and arrangements in the portal.

Additional Health & Safety Measures
Grade 1 to 12 students are required to wear face masks on the bus, and at the bus stop where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
Masking is strongly encouraged for Kindergarten students.
Remember to bundle up for the bus stop and the bus! Drivers will have select bus windows open for ventilation.

Contacting NSTS
The NSTS office is open with some staff working in the office and some working remote.
You may call 905-357-6787 for reception services or you may email your Area Transportation Coordinator.
Click HERE for a contact list.

Detailed Back to School Transportation Plan is Posted!

Back to School: 2020-2021

Buzzy's First-Time Rider Safety Program is Ready!

Use Active School Travel & Avoid Congestion at the School

Blue's Tips for Safe Pedestrian Travel to the Bus Stop and School