Transportation Plans Effective September 20, 2021

The final transportation plan effective September 20 is available in the portal.
Every Wednesday we post the final transportation plan for the following week and we will post confirmation when the plan is live. We are currently working on the transportation plan effective September 27, 2021.

Notice to Families About Bus Delays

We have a school bus driver for every route, but not enough drivers to cover driver absences. NSTS and bus companies are making every effort to continue to provide service to all eligible students; however, there may be delays. To learn of delays impacting your child’s bus route, please download the BusPlanner Delay app, subscribe in the parent portal to receive email alerts, or visit for alerts. There are new bus drivers in training and we are working hard to minimize delays.


Detailed Back to School Transportation Plan is Posted!
Back to School: 2020-2021

Buzzy's First-Time Rider Safety Program is Ready!

Use Active School Travel & Avoid Congestion at the School

Blue's Tips for Safe Pedestrian Travel to the Bus Stop and School