Buzzy's First Time Rider Safety Program

We welcome you and your child to school and their first year riding on the school bus! 

The First-Time Rider Safety Program is provided to educate JK-Grade 1 students and their families about the rules and responsibilities on and around the school bus. We are pleased to present this safety video for families to watch together to prepare to ride the school bus.

Buzzy the Bee presented the First-Time Rider Safety Program to students for a few years now and we hope you enjoy the video and the linked website's enhanced tools.

Buzzy reminds us:

    Safely walk to the bus stop and how to cross the street safety in front of the school bus.
    How to get on the bus and how to sit properly to be safe while riding to and from school.
    About the danger zone and what to do in case of an emergency.
    How to get off the bus and a remind to only get off the bus if their parent or guardian is present.

If you have any questions please contact NSTS, your school or the bus company assigned to serve your child's bus route. We are here to help your family adjust to school and to the bus!