School Bus Safety Week

School Bus Safety Week is in October.

Student safety is a shared responsibility!

Students, families, teachers, school administrators, the motoring public, municipalities, police and NSTS can celebrate School Bus Safety Week by working together to bring awareness to the safety and security of students on and around the school bus.

Annually Buster the Bus visits elementary schools across Niagara to remind students of the importance of school bus safety. Spend School Bus Safety Week with quality time watching School Bus Safety Videos or simply review the following school bus rules taught by Buster:

  • Be at your stop 5 minutes early and stand on the sidewalk away from the roadway.
  • Wait in a straight line to board the bus safely for when the bus stops and the door opens.
  • Get on the bus one at a time and hold the handrail as you climb the stairs and go straight to your seat and get settled.
  • While seated, always face the front of the bus with your back to the seat back, and your bottom to the seat bottom.
  • Place your school bag on your lap and rest your hands on your bag while riding the bus.
  • Speak with your quiet speaking voice so that the driver can concentrate on driving.
  • Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop and only get off the bus at your school or at your stop. Let the bus driver know if you missed your stop or if your parent/guardian is not at the stop waiting for you if that is your routine.

The motoring public can do their part by watching out for students travelling to school or to their bus stop and to stay alert while driving. When approaching a stopped school bus loading or unloading students at a bus stop, please stop when the overhead red flashing lights on and stop arm is fully actuated. It is the law and is critical for the safety and security of students. 

Together we can keep students safe on and around the school bus every week of the school year!