Transportation Eligibility Finder

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NSTS has an easy to use search function to determine transportation eligibility from a specific address to school. The results will indicate if your child is in the bus zone of the school, the walk zone of the school or outside of the school boundary.

To determine if your address, or the address of your child's before or after school care, is eligible for transportation services CLICK HERE 

If your child is within the bus zone of the school, specific transportation arrangements for your child will be available in the secure Parent Portal. To view the Parent Portal CLICK HERE

If your child is within the walk zone of the school, the walking path used to calculate the distance from home to school will be displayed. As per policy, all distances are measured using the shortest walking route, measured from the point at which the laneway or driveway of the student's residence joins the roadway to the nearest roadway or sidewalk/approved entrance to the school property. Parents are responsible to determine the best walking route for their child to and from school and the appropriate level of supervision required.

If your child is out of boundary to the school they attend, transportation is not provided. A parent will have had to complete an Alternate School or Out of Boundary School request form acknowledging that attendance to the school would be predicated upon them providing their child transportation.